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widget design

Don't let their diminutive size fool you. While small in footprint they have many of the same technical requirements as their full featured cousins that creates a recipe for challenge. With ingredients such as dynamic content, web service integration, content and interface customization, heavy on the scalable information visualization and many task based interaction needs, widgets offer an entire buffet of possibilities for creative problem solving.

What differentiates them from the larger apps is that their highly specific nature allows for more singularity of focus, they are more agile given their diminutive framework which for a more rapid iteration process and enables a single individual to play all the roles of larger team to experience some level of each stage in the process.

featured music widget

The challenge here was to deliver new music in a way that was familiar, uncomplicated and attractive all while promoting brand (of course) with direct 'hooks' to the organization URL and social promotion. Keeping updated on new and fresh content is a widget's number one benefit to a user and acting as a means to engage with brand and distribute content is what makes them attractive to stakeholders.

As they grow more and more complex, widgets need to be planned and rolled out the same as larger scale application. Wireframes, phase plans, and presentation layer designs help to provide common understanding for product meetings and stakeholder buy in and are essential blueprints for development.