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website design

Designing for the web encompasses a vast spectrum of possible outcomes and required diciplines. Simple click through sites, flash based games, platform based tools, Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and full blown corporate enterprise solutions each have their own set of variables and considerations yet each has the exact same purpose -- to effectively communicate to its respective audience and to connect people with the information they seek. It is the designer's responsibility to create an experience of connection that leaves a lasting impression on visitors to earn that most desirable of status of remarkable.

Like working in other large scale multi-disciplined production environments, web development calls upon the skills of a varied group of talented and creative people working together, contributing their specific knowledge and skill set to the successful outcome of a unique product that can inform, entertain, facilitate, create, connect, and so much more. It may sound grandiose but 'websites' have been able to effectively create lasting change in peoples lives, in the world around us and in the way that we understand this experience we share called life. Try to remember, if you can, the world as you knew it before you first logged on to 'web' and then think about what you do every day and how that would be different if websites, the internet, and ubiquitous connectivity were not at your fingertips.

social network site

How people and groups relate to one another online has changed dramatically with the advent of the online social network. In order to create such a space, it is necessary to gain insight and understanding into driving forces behind what makes a social network happen offline and then we can begin to apply technology and online tools to facilitate and enhance that process.

An inspiring element that guided this design was the desire to unlock the latent chatterbox in us all and lower the bar from passive voyeurism on the social site to active engagement. The breakthrough concept was to allow members to talk about everything, everywhere! So we designed a model that made for ubiquitous commenting and discussion from any point in the system, on any piece of content, any time, anywhere. Which is rapidly becoming the status quo but at the time (late 2007) this was truly revolutionary.

facebook application

Harnessing the influence of popular social sites with open API's is a great way to meet users where they are. Facebook has become an shining example of this not only due to the extensive amount of integration and customization that's possible but also due to the wildfire adoption some of these apps have enjoyed.

This application allowed non-profit groups to showcase active or proposed projects that users would then vote on. The entry with the most votes at the end of the round (usually two weeks) would be given the grant prize to fund the project. A second, and perhaps most important layer, was the ability for both the non-profit contestant and its supports to recruit other people to vote. This mechanism broadend the reach of any individual non-profit by taking advantage of the speed and efficiency of communication amongst friends on a social network through messaging and 'widgetizing' the project browsing and voting.