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interactive television design

As an interactive medium, the digital living room represents unique set of challenges and opportunities and as technology progress and the industry is able to move further and further away from the classic eighty button remote into the modern age of the pointing paradigm the opportunities are blossoming. Untethered from many of the limitations of the traditional television remote control a new model of interactivity is emerging and it's happening in three dimensions.

The three dimensional free pointing screen space requires a shift from the traditional two foot screen distance to a more TV viewer friendly ten as well as focusing on a user's lean-back entertainment versus the lean-forward 'working' mentality that the PC demands (game playing aside). Additionally the aggregation of media types from the myriad of distributed public and private channels makes the scaleability challenge one of intense importance. How does one browse through a thousand channels, a terabyte of recorded video, five hundred gigabytes of audio, an internet full of streaming media and a mountain of personal files with only two buttons and a scroll wheel -- all while remaining calm and relaxed in a comfy armchair? This is the next generation of home entertainment and a new world of engagement at the interface, interaction, and experience level.

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