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gui design

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) refers to elements like icons, buttons, menus, and other visual indicators by which users interact with digital (usually) media. These elements create the control set by which users explore and manipulate the information on offer.

Nowadays it's hard to make it through the day without seeing or interacting with some sort of GUI. Checkout lanes, bank machines, remote controls, appliances, and even cars are rife with screen interfaces. As technology continues grow and shrink the interfaces around us it is important to stay up to the minute with how to adapt these elements to an ever evolving set of possibilities.

designing interface elements

Many elements contribute to what is referred to as the "interface" and designing them is a process that takes into consideration many aspects of the overall experience. These pieces help to set the tone and style of the whole and play a big part in how interfaces are understood by the user. The type of product that elements are designed for make a big difference in how they are designed. Mobile devices, television, desktop and internet applications have vastly different requirements and limitations and each must be considered when determining how to best present options to users.